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Here are the 60s Psychedelic and Garage bands we love so well on CD!
LOVE: FOREVER CHANGES - One of rock's most overlooked masterpieces, this third album by the L.A. folk-rock outfit led by inscrutable singer-songwriter Arthur Lee sounds as fresh and innovative today as it did upon its original release in 1968. XTRA TRAX
LOVE - DACAPO - The group's second album boasted such strange but memorable tunes as "7 and 7 Is," "Orange Skies," and "She Comes in Colors." The album is capped off by the epic, 19-minute upside-down and inside-out blues, "Revelation," which was produced by an uncredited Neil Young.
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK - Insence & Peppermints - (Collection) - More of the ultimate in psychedelic.
IRON BUTTERFLY: IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA - Reportedly composed by keyboardist/lead singer Doug Ingle in such a stoned-out, numb-tongued condition that he couldn't properly pronounce its intended title-"In the Garden of Eden"- the album’s title track seemed almost a parody of every excessive inclination of psychedelia. It became an unavoidable hit--and an anthem of its era.
CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND - GET AWAY - “I loved the earlier work of the Watchband, and I do miss the psychedelic guitar sounds that set this group apart from other 60's garage groups. But the words and strangely haunting melodies in Get Away will stay with me for a long long time.'s very hard to impress me and right now, I'm beyond impressed.”
CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND - THE INNER MYSTIQUE - Inner Mystique draws you into the portal of what the Sixties were all about politically, socially, and musically. It's rebellious; it's innovative; it's electric Bob Dylan; it's Byrds-esque at times. Truly, Inner Mystique is a masterpiece, a classic, that all rock n roll lovers should have in their collections.
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - TROUT MASK REPLICA - The high water mark of Beefheart's bizarre career, this double album of freeform "Dada rock" features such daunting tracks as "Hair Pie (Bakes 1 and 2)," and "Neon Meat Dream of an Octafish,"both sounding as unusual as their titles. Between Beefheart's mind-bending lyrics and the twisted playing of guitarists Zoot Horn Rollo and Antennae Jimmy Semens, bassist Rockette Morton and drummer The Mascara Snake, this album fully explains the expression "far out."
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - SAFE AS MILK - is a bold, tough-ass distillation of Delta blues stomp and '60s garage-punk swagger, fused with a radically polyrhythmic and tempo-shifting style that one might term "art rock." The delightfully playful, absurdist "Abba Zabba," is a good indication of the intricate, rule-breaking music the Magic Band would continue to hone, all of which showcase the fretwork of a young Ry Cooder.
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST - THE ZOMBIES - “As someone who's heard it all Zombies-wise, I can say that THIS is the best one-CD Zombies compilation, and the best introduction to the band for those who've only heard their three big hits - get introduced here, then save up for the box set, ZOMBIE HEAVEN!”
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - SPOTLIGHT KID / CLEAR SPOT - Captain Beefheart constructs a gnostic blues world where Howlin' Wolf curls Salvador Dali's moustache and Little Walter espouses dadaism. Two early-1970s albums are juxtaposed here, turning twelve-bar music on its head with Beefheart's multi-octave son-of-Wolf voice, his pixilated lyrics, his marvelous Chicago-style harp, and his specially instructed Magic Band's asymmetrical rhythms.
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE - ONE NATION UNDERGROUND - Tom Rapp incorporated the poetry of the Beats with the Folkrock of Dylan and Co. After over thirty years, it still maintains its impact and relavance. Uncle John, and I Shall Not Care, are songs that should be listened to often, just to maintain a healthy perspective about life on Planet Earth. I wore out two copies on vinyl.
CONSTRUCTIVE MELANCHOLY - 30 YEARS OF PEARLS BEFORE SWINE - Ah, finally a collection of crystaline gems from a very underated and short-lived band called Pearls Before Swine. Stuff by this group is near impossible to find so's I am thrilled to find this - totally cool acid-folk music which still defies easy catagorization.
MOBY GRAPE - The debut album by 1960s San Francisco rockers Moby Grape is truly one of the greatest rock/pop albums ever released. Everything, from its eclectic, memorable songwriting to vigorous, pulsing instrumentation is of a calibre one doesn't encounter very often in any time period, even in as remarkable an era as the mid-1960s! Even one of the most misguided marketing campaigns in history couldn't obscure the sheer brilliance of this San Francisco-based quintet's self-titled 1967 debut.
In 1970 a friend found this album and brought it home because he liked the cover...a common occurrence, I imagine. We listened to it once and were hooked...going on to find "One Nation Underground", "These Things Too", and "Use of Ashes"...and I'm still hooked...
BLUE CHEER - VINCEBUS ERUPTUM - Blue Cheer were three guys who played loud psychedelic rock and are best known for the major hit "Summertime Blues" which has been covered by other artists, but never equaled. The other songs on this album such as "Out Of Focus" and "Parchment Farm" are pure psychedelic kick.
BLUE CHEER - Outsideinside - Blue Cheer, presumably backed and equipped by the chemist Thomas Owzley put their best work forward in OUTSIDEINSIDE. Not widely aired or kindly acclaimed by the critics, this rare jewel is, incredibly, available on CD for your perusal. The more popular VINCIBUS ERUPTUM was greasy kid's stuff compared to this psychedelic pearl cast before swine.
TEN YEARS AFTER - A SPACE IN TIME - This is Ten Years's After most polished album, including "I'd Love to Change the World" which was a big FM radio hit during the early 1970's. Alvin Lee is not only one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time, the combination of his singing and guitar playing is irresistable.
TEN YEARS AFTER - Cricklewood Green - Ten Years After guitarist Alvin Lee's hyperactive guitar solos caught the ear of British rock fans and built a bridge to the blues. The well-produced Cricklewood Green, consisting of all-original material by Lee, is the group's best studio effort.
PROCOL HARUM: GREATEST HITS - A Whiter Shade of Pale? - of Course! But that is only the beginning of the stunning tracks on this disc - A Salty Dog, Shine on Brightly and 16 other Harum classics are here. This band, who seldom released a song short enough for air-play is sadly underrated for their trouble. If you like A Whiter Shade of Pale, give this a try - I think you’ll be hooked!
30th ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY - PROCOL HARUM - 52 track compilation, originally released in 1997, featuring the first four albums, 'Procol Harum' (1967), 'Shine On Brightly' (1968), 'A Salty Dog' (1969), & 'Home' (1970), which are all unavailable domestically, & 17 singles, B-sides, outtakes, & alternative takes.
TEN YEARS AFTER - Ssssh! - Anyone who wants to know what British heavy blues/hard rock is all about NEEDS to own this. It belongs in any collection which has "Wheels of Fire" by Cream or any early Led Zeppelin album. In addition to some fine blues-rock jams, some pretty wild sound effects as well.
SONS OF MERCURY (1968 - 75) QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE - An important album for anyone who is in establishing a collection of historic music of the late 60's. The first CD showcases the raw sound of the time, blues based with plenty of new guitar and vocal technique. The second disc may catch some listeners off guard with its rather low key and spiritual beginning, switching gears again with track 5. Given its 30 tracks, this two-disc overview is all the Quicksilver anyone but fanatics and scholars of the '60s San Francisco scene will ever need.
THE BEST OF QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE- A good collection of Quicksilver songs, including the wonderful title track from “What About Me” and “Who Do You Love” from their psychedelic classic “Happy Trails.” A shame, though, that Nicky Hopkins’ stunningly beautiful solo piece “Spindrifter” is absent ... A nice one-album collection. Should be played LOUD!
HAPPY TRAILS - QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE - This live album is one to get lost in, with unique and ultimate versions of “Mona” and “Who Do You Love.” Truly a psychedelic masterpiece. Highly recommended.
JUST FOR LOVE - QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE - features legendary keyboardist Nicky Hopkins. The sound is definitely late 60's! "(Have another hit of) Fresh Air" is one of many standouts on the recording. For a flash from the past, this is good addition for the serious collector.
OLD GLORY - THE BEST OF ELECTRIC FLAG - This band's few recordings did more for the state of the art than the majority of their contempories. Featuring Michael Bloomfield of Butterfield Blues Band and Supersession fame.
WHAT ABOUT ME?- QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE - also featuring Nicky Hopkins, this is a somewhat uneven outing, but the classic title track and Nicky’s solo “Spindrifter” are worth the price alone.
DARK SIDES: The Best of the Shadows of Knight - Rhino's "Dark Sides" Shadows of Knight anthology encapsulates all the best moments of Chicago's finest mid-1960s garage band. The 20 tracks and 53 minutes on this disc are comprised of nearly all the tracks on the Shadows two Dunwich lps, all five Hot 100 chart entries, many choice b-sides, and the best of their post-Dunwich recordings. An outstanding choice for any fan of garage rock or Chicago blues-based rock and roll.
NAZZ NAZZ - Pop genius Todd Rundgren fronts Nazz, only he doesn't know that he's a genius, at least not yet. He's witty, crafty and precarious - but still a kid having a good time in a rock & roll band. The relevant question today is "Where did this Pop master, studio wizard and music video pioneer come from?" An excellent answer is Nazz Nazz.
NAZZ - Nazz is a crafty and infectious combination of high energy rockers, and ballads with beautifully blended vocal harmonies. The influence of British mod bands, the Beach Boys and Jimi Hendrix are clearly evident. To top it all off, the audio quality of the Rhino release is exemplary.
LIVE ADVENTURES OF MICHAEL BLOOMFIELD AND AL KOOPER - Press "PLAY" and you're back in 1968. The days of flower power and peace harbored the musical innovators and the supergroups: Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, the Beatles. Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper, friends and seasoned veterans came together for the first "Super Session" album, a classic. This album, in many ways superior to the first, was the second live meeting, and you're there. This 2-disc album is the best of the blues/rock genre.
THE COLLECTED COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH - “Hard to convey how much I love this album. It stands the test of time and then some! It's unlikely you will ever find it dated. It's simply a wonderful experience of song, dance and inspiration. The music flows, the sound driven by an "in your face" musical wittiness from Country Joe. Not often do you find such fun and musical satisfaction in one swell package.”
AL KOOPER Rare and Well Done - A well-thought out compendium of Al Kooper's work. The listener is treated to the many facets of this gifted musician in this 2 disc set. Kooper is probably known to most rock fans as a producer and maybe "that guy who played organ on Dylan's 'Highway 61'", but this set will make a case for his legacy as a remarkable writer, arranger, vocalist, instrumentalist - an all-around sonic auteur!
ELECTRIC MUSIC FOR THE MIND AND BODY - Country Joe & The Fish - One of the better albums from the late 60's. Stimulating mentally and emotionally. The lyrics are easy to decipher, and the playing and the blending of instruments is crystal clear [and on the trippy numbers, as smooth as the finest silk]. It also winds deeply into the imaginative realm: each song is a mood and/or story unto itself; some of the songs open up [new?] worlds for the listener to enter into. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
I FEEL LIKE I’M FIXIN TO DIE - Country Joe and the Fish - Country Joe & the Fish's second album merits serious consideration as one of the best "psychedelic" records ever made. The combination of Joe's smooth, soaring vocals, the melodic guitar figures and the solo organ lines just grab hold and start the shivers right up my back. This album still goes straight to my heart 33 years later. Country Joe and the Fish, I thank you!
HERE WE ARE AGAIN - Country Joe & the Fish - "I have always been a big Country Joe & The Fish fan, and while I find it hard to pick a favorite album, I guess this would be it It's musically very rich and has a transcendent quality about it."
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Easter Everywhere - More focused and even more trippy than their first album, "Easter Everywhere" features the 13th Floor Elevators at their best. The songs are eerie, rambling, and potent, so powerful that they overcome the lo-fi production that plagued the Elevators throughout their career. Roky Erickson's vocals are sometimes eerily reminiscent of Robert Plant. This is a heavily psychedelic album and shows a San Francisco influence; at this point in their career the Elevators had played in SF and shared stages with the Jefferson Airplane, among other 60s psych groups.
PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS OF THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Forget about San Francisco: The American capitol of psychedelic rock was Austin, Texas, and no band soared higher than Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators. In addition to acid-tinged garage rockers such as the crazed-love anthem, "You're Gonna Miss Me," the Elevators' debut included tracks such as "Reverberation (Doubt)," "Roller Coaster," and "Splash 1," which viscerally evoked the sounds of their titles while offering lyrics that provided a philosophical structure for the psychedelic experience. The lyrics were written by Tommy Hall, who also played amplified jug.
PRETTY THINGS - SF Sorrow - If you are a fan of British 60's psychedelic period, this is the CD you'll want. Think of Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, John Lennon and George Harrison songs on "Revolver" through "Magical Mystery Tour", and you'll get the idea. The mono version is good, but this version is better.
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