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Books About Psychedelic and Garage Music
THE FILLMORE EAST: Recollections of Rock Theater - From 1968-1971, New York's Fillmore East was the greatest rock palace in the world. Kostelanetz, who attended the Fillmore religiously, has assembled a collection of his original program notes and memories on the performances and performers to create this definitive history. With photos by Raeanne Rubenstein, who took the wonderful photos of Jim & Pam at Themis.
Live at the Fillmore East
The Fillmore East: Recollections of Rock Theater Bill Graham Autobiography BILL GRAHAM PRESENTS: My Life Inside Rock and Out - The late rock promoter recounts his life as a refugee from the Holocaust, his rise to fame in the recording industry, and his launching of such stars as Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, The Doors and the Grateful Dead.
LIVE AT THE FILLMORE EAST: A Photographic Memoir - “Amalie R. Rothschild's pictures bring back the entire Fillmore East experience in vivid detail. Rock and Roll was a baby back then and Bill Graham was it's midwife - he birthed the modern version of a rock and roll concert." - Mickey Hart
ROLLING STONE: THE DECADES OF ROCK AND ROLL -The Decades of Rock & Roll delves into Rolling Stone's vast archive and pulls out the most interesting, insightful, and seminal essays and interviews written in the history of music journalism. Full of the funny stories and vivid details that bring history to life, the pieces are organized decade by decade along with newly written retrospectives from crack writers like Rob Sheffield and Anthony DeCurtis.
THE ROLLING STONE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ROCK AND ROLL - In 1983, Rolling Stone Press introduced its first Rock & Roll Encyclopedia. Almost two decades later, it has become the premier guide to the history of rock & roll, and has been selected by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum as its official reference book. (Revised and Updated for the 21st Century)
THE VIRGIN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SIXTIES MUSIC - This is easily the best 60's music reference book available. It covers all the obvious supergroups, but also the one-hit wonders & even a lot of the obscure garage/psychedelic groups.You can disagree with the star ratings for each record, but the reviewer tries to be objective & it's really useful for the casual user.
20th CENTURY ROCK AND ROLL: PSYCHEDELIA -This book chronicles the 50 most influential artists of Psychedelia and their music, complete with pictures, stories, biographies and discographies. Also included are lists of the top Psychedelic songs and albums of all time, and genre collectibles. You'll find The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The Doors, Moby Grape, Cream, Iron Butterfly, and many more between these covers.
SIXTIES ROCK: Garage, Psychedelic, and Other Satisfactions - Sixties Rock offers a provocative look at the artists and their innovations in two pivotal rock genres: garage rock and psychedelic music. Delving into everything from harmony to hardware, Michael Hicks shows what makes this music tick and what made it unique in its time.
Sixties Rock: Garage & Psychedelic
King Biscuit Flower Hour
KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR: Classic Pop & Rock Hits - It's King Biscuit! What more is there to say?
THE ROCKIN' 60s: The People Who Made the Music -The ultimate shopper's and buyer's guide, this comprehensive resource provides complete personnel of each group, the significant role of each group member, a narrative history of the group, analysis of key recordings, discography, and archival photos throughout the text.
hino's Psychedelic Trip
RHINO’S PSYCHEDELIC TRIP - The Psychedelic Sixties as only Rhino can present it!
CLASSIC ROCK OF THE LATE '60s: The Woodstock Era - No description or reviews are available at this time.
FOLLOW THE MUSIC: The Life and High Times of Elektra Records in the Great Years of American Pop Culture - "FOLLOW THE MUSIC' is an essential addition to the bookshelves of everyone in, and around, today's "music industry" and anyone who loves the music of the time. This is the musical history tour of Elektra Records, home to The Doors, Queen, Tim Buckley, Carly Simon, LOVE, The Incredible String Band, Harry Chapin, Paul Butterfield and dozens of other folk, folk/blues, blues/rock and hard rock acts. Co-author Jac Holzman was the founder and guiding light of this exquisite and unique record label, and he, along with many of his friends, family and associates tell the inside story of the creation and eventual success of Elektra. AMERICAN TROUBADOURS: Groundbreaking Singer-Songwriters of the 60s - In this lavishly illustrated little book, Mark Brend offers brief critical bios of several of the most influential 60's singer/songwriters, nearly all of whom have fallen under the radar of the contemporary music scene. Most, like Tim Buckley and Phil Ochs, are now deceased, but all of these troubadours had real influence in their prime, and Brend does a terrific job of explaining just what that influence was.
Waiting For The Sun
WAITING FOR THE SUN: Strange Days, Weird Scenes and the Sound of Los Angeles - “The long and twisted rock and roll history of Los Angeles” is the promise on the jacket, and this book delivers!
URBAN SPACEMAN AND WAYFARING STRANGERS: Overlooked Innovators and Eccentric Visionaries of '60s Rock - Richie has pulled it off once again! On the heels of his "Unknown Legends of Rock N' Roll" he's created an essential publication for any fan of 60s rock n' roll history. From obscure groups like the Poets and Rationals to more well-known artists like the Beau Brummels and Bobby Fuller he provides the reader with a reading laced with personal interviews that highlight the ups and downs of the music business in the 1960s. A 6 track CD is included!
UNKNOWN LEGENDS OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL - Differentiating between the prodigies and the posers is one of the great joys of fans of any art form, including pop music. And this task is made easier with this book, a paean to some of rock & roll's quirkiest artists. All Music Guide co-editor Richie Unterberger ranks among the most prolific rock critics of recent times, and he exhibits a depth of knowledge and a clear commitment to his subjects throughout this 400-page-plus study.
MYSTERY TRAIN: Images of America in Rock 'N' Roll Music - Greil Marcus is indisputably rock n'roll's premier cultural historian. The reissue of his powerfully influential Mystery Train, a book that traces rock music to its origins, is a reminder of how this popular expression grew from the social protest of a number of committed American bluesmen.
Not Fade Away: A Backstage Pass to 20 Years of Rock & Roll - This book is a collection of articles he wrote for "Rolling Stone". Some of the people written about in this book are Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, The Jefferson Airplane, The Rolling Stones, Santana and many others. What really makes the book worth reading is that he gives information on what he had to get the interview and what happened after. Sometimes, the behind the scenes information are as good as or even better than the article.
PSYCHOTIC REACTIONS AND CARBURETOR DUNG - "Bangs' is absolutely, incontrovertibly the most passionate voice ever to lend itself to rock crit. but it's more than that. these writings show a passion for living - uncompromising and unflinching works that deal with every aspect of american life. bangs was perceptive, angry, sensitive, violent, sentimental, brave - and he literally lived for rock and roll. his legend would suggest that he was a bit insane, but his writings reveal one of the most coherent and intelligent minds ever to grace our earth."
PETE FRAME’S COMPLETE ROCK FAMILY TREES - An exhaustive look at the twists and turns of band members in some of the most important (and some of the most marginal) bands in rock history, thus providing the history of the genre through its participants.
PHILOSOPHY AT 33 1/3 RPM: Themes of Classic Rock Music - Harris uses excerpts from songs and historical sketches of the classic rock era to illustrate the philosophical significance of what has been condemned as just noise made to annoy parents. Obviously music that moved so many at a pivotal point in our nation's history has many philosophical underpinnings, and Harris points out themes and relates them to the work of many philosophers, including Nietzsche.
ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE: ...and 99 Other Life Lessons from Classic Rock Songs - Love and marriage, family, friendships, self-esteem, spirituality, and community are just some of the themes explored in these healing and uplifting meditations, based on four decades of classic rock. You'll also find background information on the songs and artists, as well as suggestions for applying these nuggets of rock wisdom to your everyday life. All You Need Is Love is a visit to our past and a companion for our present and future.
CLASSIC ROCK STORIES: The Stories Behind the Greatest Songs of All Time - Classic rockers reveal the sometimes painful, sometimes accidental, and often hilarious process of creating the songs classic rock fans love. Includes, in their own words, Pete Townsend, Stephen Tyler, John Fogarty, Keith Richards, and others.
YOUNG MEN WITH UNLIMITED CAPITAL: The Story of Woodstock - It started with an ad, placed by Joel Rosenman and John Roberts as a way to find interesting work after college. It led Rosenman and Roberts to stage a gathering that changed the face of popular culture: the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in August 1969. Woodstock is rightly remembered as the pivotal event that united a generation, but the behind-the-scenes story is less utopian--and absolutely fascinating.
ROCK ODYSSEY: A CHRONICLE OF THE 60S - If Oscar Wilde had knocked off a couple of chart-busting smasheroonis then this would be his account of the repercussions from sudden fame and the resulting crash at the bottom of the downward slope. Mr.Whitcomb has happily combined an hilarious account of his own unexpected 15 minutes along with a witty and erudite look at the pop star world.
PRISONER OF WOODSTOCK - CS&N drummer Dallas Taylor’s honest, revealing story tells what it was like to be a part of history - to experience the tragic/ comical reality of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.
YEAR BY YEAR IN THE ROCK ERA - Hendler chronicles the evolution of rock from its inception in 1954 through a year-by-year breakdown of the progression of musical events--the artists, groups, songs, dances, and LPs that rocked the youth generation for nearly three decades. The book relates rock music to indirectly related phenomena such as fashion, alternative lifestyles, film, jargon, and television. Hendler's special focus is on innovation, overall business aspects, sociological factors, landmarks of cyclical change, turning points, demographics, and statistics.
HISTORY OF ROCK: The Mid 60's - The rock story by the staff of Hal Leonard Music Publishing. HISTORY OF ROCK - the Late Sixties - The rock story by the staff of Hal Leonard Music Publishing.
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