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Sixties Art, Fashion, Design & Photography
THE ART OF THE FILLMORE: The Poster Series 1966-1971 - Legendary impresario Bill Graham commissioned posters to promote the concerts he was putting on at San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium. The artists created vivid, irreverent banners that reflected their own sense of poetics, style, and wit. What resulted was a brand-new art form. These posters now occupy a place in art history while surviving as treasured artifacts of rock archaeology.
HIGH ART: A History of the Psychedelic Poster - High Art explores both the creation of psychedelia and the imagery born of the Sixties psychedelic poster art movement. It covers the Avalon and Fillmore ballrooms, the UFO Club in London and features leading American artists, and profiles of British artists as well as the collectors' experience.
ROLLING STONE: The Illustrated Portraits - Award-winning art director Fred Woodward has has brought together a who's who of the illustration world, in this collection of the best paintings, caricatures, and drawings ever to grace the pages of Rolling Stone. Snippets of interviews with both the subjects and the artists illuminate the subjective and interpretive process of illustration.
Art of the Fillmore
WOODSTOCK DREAM - Elliott Landy, official Woodstock photographer, captured the spirit of the American underground of the late Sixties, dedicating himself to the work and the protagonists of rock.
The Art of Rock
LINDA McCARTNEY’S SIXTIES: Portrait of an Era - A personal album of intimate photographs captures the lives and times of rock legends of the 1960s, including Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, the Grateful Dead, and many others.
THE ART OF ROCK: Posters from Presley to Punk -This unique compilation of more than 1,500 rock concert posters from the 1950s through today reproduces, in full color, all of the stunning, original, and outrageous artwork.
CROSSROADS: The Experience Music Project Collection - This book is a very well crafted historical review of popular music frequently referred to as Rock and Roll. From its early roots to its latest manifestations, this book covers the gamut. As such it is a companion piece to the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, and if you can't get to Seattle, this book would at least give you a flavor of what awaits you there. Well written, with beautiful art and photos from electric music roots in 1935 through today. It succeeds in connecting the lineage in words and pictures. Highly recommended.
THE SIXTIES - A 30-year collaboration between photographer Richard Avedon and writer Doon Arbus, (daughter of photographer Diane) whose images and words combine in this volume to create a compelling portrait of one of the 20th century's most tumultuous decades.This large book is filled with a cacophony of Yippies, Black Panthers, Weathermen, Hare Krishnas, Andy Warhol Factory Superstars, pop artists, rock musicians, astronauts, pacifists, politicians and more.
100 BEST ALBUM COVERS - From the psychedelia of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's to the quirky social commentary of Nirvana's Nevermind, some of the most memorable, groundbreaking images of the last five decades have graced the covers of rock albums. DK's 100 Best Album Covers presents the cream of the cover crop, chosen by legendary designer Storm Thorgerson (of Hipgnosis).
EXOTIQUARIUM: Album Art from the Space Age -The definitive account of a curious and surreal chapter in American musical history. An irresistible book. I wish it was a larger book many little time.
THE GOLDEN AGE OF MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATION: The Sixties and Seventies - No description or reviews are available at this time.
GRAPHIC AGITATION: Social and Political Graphics Since the Sixties - The global use of graphics for propaganda and protest is surveyed in this vibrant album. The 300 color photographs reproducing posters, billboards, ads, T-shirts and graffiti occasionally portray the graphic voice of the establishment, but mostly feature dissent and agitation on behalf of human rights, environmentalism, anti-war protest, feminism, sexual politics, etc.
OP TO POP: Furniture of the 1960s - Whether it's a lipstick-red love seat shaped like Marilyn Monroe's lips, a bean bag chair, or a "domestic capsule unit," 1960s furniture still has the power to startle and delight. In Op to Pop, Cara Greenberg takes on this little-explored but exciting era of furniture design, providing original, readable scholarship that places '60s furnishings in a cultural context and helps sort the good from the fad.
THE SIXTIES: Decade of Design Revolution - The 1960s were definitive in terms of innovation and revolution. Nowhere is this more apparent than in that decade's material artifacts. Good design was everywhere; bold, playful, intelligent and fun. Scholarly, yet casual writing accompanied by plenty of full-color illustrations make this a must for both your coffee table and 20th century design library.
EVERYDAY FASHIONS OF THE SIXTIES AS PICTURED IN SEARS CATALOGS - There is often a disparity between how we remember the Sixties & how they really were. I remember that they looked more like what's in this book: Jackie Kennedy, Patty Duke, Leslie Gore, Carnaby Street & San Francisco filtered through Sears & delivered to middle class America. Something important was happening in women's fashions. Clothes became more comfortable & hair styles more simple, if that's what one chose. But the choice was there. That transition is captured by these amusing & thought-provoking catalogue pages.
THE RUDI GERNREICH BOOK - Rudi Gernreich was a maverick and a visionary. His designs were so advanced, even for the wild-child sixties, that they still seem fresh. In fact, I recognized many current trends in these photos. Lavishly illustrated, with vintage publicity and advertising photos by William Claxton, as taken throughout the sixties. The book opens with an overview of Gernreich's career, and a really comprehensive essay about his most famous designs (such as the topless bathing suit).
DECORATIVE ART 1960s - This book offers a glimpse into the design world of the 1960s like no other. Many vintage photos showing furniture in authentic room settings. Each section, Glass, Ceramics, Lighting, Textiles and Furniture, show the reader objects that are rarely seen anywhere else.
THE 60'S: Mods & Hippies - A fast-paced romp through the fashions of the Sixties, this book is full of bold, full-color photographs. The authors include the extremes as well as the changing wardrobes of everyday people. Mods and hippies dominate with miniskirts, Eastern influences, and art as fashion included. Fashion's influences on world events, entertainment, cultures, and technology are explored, as are the ways in which styles were influenced by these forces.
GREAT FASHION DESIGNS OF THE SIXTIES: Paper Dolls in Full Color - No description or reviews are available at this time.
FLOWER POWER: Prints from the 1960s - No description or reviews are available at this time.
FREEHAND: The Art of Stanley Mouse -This book reflects on Stanley's artwork both in the rock and roll arena as well as work he has performed in other areas. Some of his best unknown works are present here, and if you like Stanley's work, then this book is for you! A definitive catalog of greatness.
L.A. POP IN THE SIXTIES - No description or reviews are available at this time.
PSYCHEDELIC DECADENCE: Sex, Drugs, Low-Art in Sixties & Seventies Britain - No description or reviews are available at this time.
Gonzo, The Art - Steadman takes the obscene to the edge with his book "Gonzo: The Art." He recounts his artistic maturation from his drawings for Hunter S. Thompson's "The Kentucky Derby is Decadant and Depraved" to his own new ideas on what gonzo is. He includes a portrait of his vision of Thompson’s parents, riding in the Big Red Shark. All in all, Steadman is an affront to your senses and will throw your world for a loop. Enjoy the ride!!
THE R. CRUMB COFFEE TABLE ART BOOK - Robert Crumb, world-famous illustrator and definite pervert, got his start in the underground comics scene of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book is a collection of his best work from the last 50 years (it's got kids stuff, too, which is pretty fascinating). The volume is a welcome reminder that, screwed up as Crumb may be, he's also a tremendously talented, utterly original artist.
COMPLETE CRUMB: Mr Sixties - Mr. Sixties' features the creme de la Crumb, executed while he was still a wide-eyed rube, lost in the hubbub of Haight-Ashbury and the Summer of Love. Featuring lots of psychedelia, Crumb's work in 'The East Village Other', 'Yarrowstalks' and the ground-breaking 'ZAP Comix' #0 & 1 immediately appealed to the anti-Establishment Flower Children.
Sixties Design - During the decade many associate with the Beatles, hippies, and flower power, designers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas were fundamentally rethinking modernist principles. Sixties Design is a documentation and analysis of that era during which belief in modernist design began to crumble. If you like all things mod, space age and groovy, this book is for you. The author takes an all encompassing look at interior design, textiles, art, furniture, advertising and architecture. EARTHWORKS: Art & Landscape of the Sixties -Suzaan Boettger offers the first comprehensive history of the Earthworks movement in the United States, providing a fascinating and in-depth analysis of the monumental forms that initiated the broader genre of Land Art. Examining the art, the artists, their dealers and proponents, Boettger interprets Earthworks as a manifestation both of artists' personal stories and of the late 1960s social and political tumult.
THE SIXTIES: Art Scene in London - No description or reviews are available at this time.
THE RISE OF THE SIXTIES: American and European Art in the Era of Dissent - This book describes in detail the many varied paths that visual artists explored during the 60's, a time of great political, cultural, and artistic ferment. The subtitle of the book, "American and European Art in the Era of Dissent," reflects Crow's observation that the experimental art of the period reflected 60's political dissent. He notes that 60's art, setting itself up as an alternative to an existing "genteel, snobbish, and unadventurous art culture," deliberately mocks mainstream values, and tends to be inaccessible to ordinary viewers.
AMERICAN PAINTINGS OF THE SIXTIES AND SEVENTIES, the Real-Ideal -The Fantastic - No description or reviews are available at this time.
THE SIXTIES: Britain and France, 1962-1973: The Utopian Years - No description or reviews are available at this time.
ART, POLITICS & DISSENT: Aspects of the Art Left in Sixties America - Art, politics, and dissent provides a counter history to conventional accounts of American art. Close historical examinations of particular events in Los Angeles and New York in the 1960s are interwoven with discussion of the location of these events, normally marginalised or overlooked, in the history of cultural politics in the United States during the postwar period.
POP ART - Surveys a fascinating, well-chosen selection of the works of dozens of representative pop/modern artists. A thoughtful analysis accompanies each painting/work, and taken collectively these descriptions comprehensively cover a range of themes, ideas, thoughts and paradigms of 20th century post-World War II art. For those who think that 20th century art, pop art or post-World War II art is "flimsy" in character or insightfullness compared to previous eras, this book is well-tailored.
THE SIXTIES: Art, Politics, and Media of Our Most Explosive Decade - No description or reviews are available at this time.
THE GREAT AMERICAN POP ART STORE: Multiples of the Sixties - Glenn, director of the art museum at California State University, Long Beach, is to be commended for compiling an exhibit of more than 110 items that will be traveling to 11 cities around the country over the next three years. This first-of-its-kind show, and the accompanying catalog, strive to define the context for the emergence of "multiples" in the 1960s.
THE PHILOSOPHY OF ANDY WARHOL: From a to B and Back Again - Intensly funny, witty, and real. Andy tells of daily acounts with many super stars and various B's and it just goes to show you that Andy Warhol is a true master mind. This book is true..simple..and as real as you can get. Read it and realize, think, know and understand that you are reading HIS all makes very much sense...if you’re Andy Warhol.
POPISM: The Warhol '60s - Anecdotal, funny, frank, POPism is the ultimate inside story of a decade of cultural revolution. Andy Warhol's own story of the 1960s and the extraordinary scene that surrounded his studio--The Factory. Illustrated.
ANDY WARHOL: Series and Singles - Thirteen years after his death, Andy Warhol's art is more dominant and omnipresent than ever before. In particular, his serial works—the Campbell's Soup Can, Jackie, Marilyn, Mao, and others—have been reproduced everywhere and have profoundly influenced our perception and thinking about mass culture. This striking book is a highly original survey of Warhol's entire creative output.
ANDY WARHOL PRINTS: A Catalogue Raisonne 1962-1987 - Of the more than 1,100 color images presented here, more than 660 are works that were not included in earlier editions of this title. These unpublished prints, trial proofs, and unique edition prints have only come to light after the artist's death in 1987. 1244 photos, 1124 in color.
ANDY WARHOL: Drawings 1942-1987 - Drawings are the key to the artists'process. They are personal, immediate, and limiting. Never more so than in the case of Andy Warhol has a book of drawings so brought an artist's humanity forward. Here is an artist in love with his subject. Warhol was a prolific drawer, and draw he could.
ANDY WARHOL DIARIES - If you ever wanted to know what the New York state of mind was in the 1960s through the 1980s, then this book is for you. Andy Warhol lived at the center of the "beautiful people" in the New York club/celebrity scene, from his Factory to Studio 54 and seemingly everywhere else. From hustlers and porn stars to the Hollywood glitterati and political movers and shakers, Warhol dictated it all to his diarist, Pat Hackett, who distilled it all from 20,000 pages into this huge book. You will be shocked, you will be amused and you will see why there was only one Andy Warhol -- the artist and pop culturist who took a "New York" minute and turned it into 15 minutes of bizarre fame. Don't miss out on this book!
ANDY WARHOL CATALOGUE RAISONNE: Paintings and Sculpture, 1961-1963 - WOW. This is a work of exceptional research. The detail and care that has gone into this study of Warhol's early paintings is outstanding.The editors have compiled a staggering amount of information about each work shown here.

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