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Psychedelic, Garage Band, and other Sixties CD Compilations & Box Sets
NUGGETS II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond [BOX SET] - An important missing piece of rock history is being filled by "Nuggets II." This second compilation box of rare garage/freakbeat/psych from the 60s is certainly worth the price. I had heard 28 of the 109 tracks on here before I bought it, and had been looking for most of the other bands for quite some time now. Thank you, Rhino, for making these obscure groups and songs available!
EVEN MORE NUGGETS - Classics from the Psychedelic 60s - Includes “I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)”,“Shape of Things to Come”,”Just Dropped in (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)”, ”Time Has Come Today” 14 more.
NUGGETS: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968 [BOX SET] -This 4 disc set includes: Psychotic Reaction, Journey to the Center of My Mind, She's About a Mover, Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love), Who Do You Love and many more.
EASY RIDER - The Soundtrack - All the songs in this album are classics. Each is great in its own right. But what makes this album great is the compilation; it tells a story. People who have seen the movie, would probably enjoy the album to a greater extent than those who haven't. If you haven't seen the movie, go watch it. The context of the movie is a time capsule of the spirit of the culture of that time. But the underlying theme of the movie is as relevant today as it was in the '60s.
COSMIC SOUNDS - For years this was available only on one of those compilation Elektra LPs from 1967. It's a shame it was so scarce, because this is truly a classic head-trip! The album features an excellent lineup of musicians and is one of the first commercial releases to feature the Moog synthesizer! Now it's gloriously rereleased on CD for the first time: no more scratchy vinyl or second generation cassettes.
WOODSTOCK - Three days of Peace and Music - This four-disc album, issued as a box set 25 years after the counterculture tribal gathering, amasses the original three-record Woodstock set from 1970, its two-LP 1971 sequel, Woodstock II, and a generous store of previously unreleased tracks from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, the Band, Jimi Hendrix, and others.
BEYOND DESCRIPTION - (1973 - 1989) - As the Grateful Dead story continues with this 12-disc sequel to the equally outsized The Golden Road (1965-1973), the band leaves the relative comfort of the '60s and heads into a period that will provide them with greater rewards as a performing outfit, and greater challenges as a studio entity. As with the first Rhino box, Beyond Description (1973-1989) gets the kind of state-of-the-art remastering one would expect from the sonically ambitious bunch. Again, each disc is fleshed out with smartly selected outtakes, demos, and live recordings. Two thoroughly annotated and strikingly illustrated booklets pull the package together. This is where the long, strange trip leads, and if there were some wrong turns along the way, so be it. That's what happens when you don't follow the map
THE GOLDEN ROAD - (1965 - 1973) - Rhino's incomparable 12-disc definitive look at the Dead's formative years, a fantastically creative nine-year period the band. In 1965, they were a bunch of ex-folk and bluegrass musicians who started to experiment with hallucinogens. The ensuing decade found them travel through revved-up renditions of their folk and blues favorites. Then they maneuvered through intense, far-reaching, mind-blowing psychedelic experiments, settled into timeless stripped-down Americana, and ended atop a mountain where folk, blues, country, jazz, and psychedelic rock lived in near-perfect harmony. All of the band's nine official Warner releases (five studio discs, four live) have been superbly remastered and buffed with extra tracks that include unheard studio jams and outtakes, plus contemporaneous live cuts. There's also two discs' worth (one studio, one live) of rare early material that predates their Warner Bros. debut. If it’s time to update your Dead collection, with the bounty of bonus tracks, the superior sound, and the wonderful packaging, this is an exquisite collection.
THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - It would seem impossible that some 30 years after his death, and with so many posthumous releases, there could be a meaningful compact disc of previously unreleased Jimi Hendrix recordings. With "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" MCA Records has collected not one but four discs, 56 tracks, more than 4 hours of incredible sounding alternate takes, alternate mixes, and indeed songs previously unreleased except on bootleg recordings. The box opens with an extended version of "Purple Haze" which sets the tone for the box. Alternate versions of "Fire" and "Hey Joe" follow closely, and the listener is immediately aware of the fact that this is not your average collection of previously unreleased "diamonds in the rough" or "home demos" but rather a 56 track collection of songs which are in some cases superior to the previously released version, and without exception of great interest to fans of rock music. This is an Unbelievably valuable addition to the Hendrix catalog, and no fan should be without it!
SO MANY ROADS - The Grateful Dead 1965 - 1995 - Deadhead collecting has come a long way. An experience that was once based in haphazard bootleg tape trading of complete single shows has graduated to this: a fancy, cloth-covered, lovingly annotated five-disc box set of live recordings, oddities, outtakes, and rehearsals spanning 30 years. The live cuts comprise the heart of this package, and they put you right in the thick of things, presenting the Dead in pure, undiluted fashion, warts and all. The producers have boldly chosen the most interesting improvisations and most riveting examples of group synergy: the Dead at their least accessible, but most ambitious and compelling. There are moments where you'll cringe at off-key harmonies or flubbed chords, but there is always a payoff. At times, you can hear the band desperately struggle through the verses just to get to the jam, where redemption always awaits.
THE BYRDS BOX SET - I envy those coming to this material for the first time, for the joy of discovery with so much great material. Some of the many highlights of the new stuff include "Willin'", recorded live (the studio version just turned up on the UNTITLED/UNISSUED set (another winner), which should make you cry, and all four of the newly recorded cuts, which include a remake of "He Was A Friend of Mine" and a stunning "From A Distance", with McGuinn's 12 string as jangly as ever. As far as picking from their individual albums, the compilers did an excellent job of selection. This is packed with fabulous music, it's nicely packaged and organized, and everyone in the world really should own it!
THE LAST WALTZ - BOX SET- This four disc compilation gives you everything that was on the original 2 disc sets, plus 24 (count 'em, 24!) more tracks. There are more performances from the concert itself, plus rehearsals and demos. This certainly helped me to have a fuller, grander sense of this historical event. Highlights for me: another great version of Stagefright; Muddy Waters singing Mannish Boy; Van Morrison's Caravan really kicks; Bob Dylan leading The Band through a Baby Let Me Follow You Down and I Don't Believe You; Emmylou and Levon trading verses on Evangeline; and The Staples lending their oh-so-soulful voices to The Weight (Beautiful, says Mavis Staples at the very end of the number, and she's so right). This box set may not be the place to start for some, but if you enjoyed the Last Waltz the first time, or you have a sincere interest in any of the guest artists who helped The Band bid farewell, you should certainly check out this expanded re-release
Love Story 1966-1972 [BOX SET] Love - Fantastic! If you're new to Love, then this compilation is a great place to get acquainted with them. A sadly neglected genius outfit, Love made music that is utterly unique. In Arthur Lee they had a frontman/creator of dazzling brilliance. One thing about this CD set that you may discover is that all the stuff on here from after 'Forever Changes' is actually amazingly great! Don't let people fool you into thinking that Arthur lost the plot after the initial line-up folded. HE DID NOT! I may be one of those few who actually prefers the latter half of this set! Perhaps it's just that Arthur was ahead of his time again, and people ain't catching up! Far from warmed over R&B, the later stuff is brilliantly sung, played and written. It's joyous and touching. Songs like "I'll Pray For You" and "Everybody's Gotta Live" are untouchable masterpieces. S'true, friends! Anyway, get this set if you haven't got it.
THE BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD BOX SET - The Buffalo Springfield box set is, in short, an absolute necessity for anyone interested in the history of rock and roll. The Springfield had a short, tumultuous history as a band, but their influence has stretched far and wide. Just think of it... Three tremendous musicians that went on to give birth, not just to solo careers, but to CSN, CSN&Y, Manassas, Poco, and Souther-Hillman-Furay.
In undertaking an anthology like this there is no way to win. Everybody will have an opinion on what should have been included and what should have been left off. Personally, I wish I could get my hands on every recording -- legit or bootleg -- as well as any video of their performances, but short of that, this fills in beautifully.
Janis [BOX SET] Janis Joplin- This box set appeals to collectors and the average listener. I love the alternate version of "Cry Baby" released here. You hear Janis cracking up at herself as she misses a high note but never a beat, meanwhile letting it rip with this great studio take. Another superlative moment that cannot be found anywhere else [18 Essentials does not include the studio discussion featured here] is the acoustic demo of "Me and Bobby McGee," featuring a solo Janis accompanying herself on guitar. The track reveals how Janis herself mapped out one of the great recordings in rock history. She's the one who kicks it up a notch during the la-la-la portion of the song before exclaiming "that's when somebody else has to take over.." It's vintage Janis and worth the price of the box set to obtain. Another standout is the very hard-to-find Saturday afternoon performance of "Ball and Chain" at the Monterey Pop Festival. The artwork and booklet are really hip and cool. If you are a true Janis fan, you really must buy this boxed set.
Shades 1968-1998 [BOX SET] Deep Purple - I am very impressed with this box set. Everything that I expected to find, I found it here. This box set really does Deep Purple justice. I paid the price, and got my money's worth. What's really nice about this package are the rarities found here, including "Shadows", "Love Help Me", "Jam Stew", and "Slow Train", not forgetting the rare B-sides like "When A Blind Man Cries", "I'm Alone", "Coronarias Redig" and "Hallelujah (I Am The Preacher)". This box set rocks hard from beginning to end, definitely worth every dime. I also enjoy the booklet that comes with this package, jam-packed with information and other facts about the band and the songs. Highly recommended. A must-have for anyone who appreciates the music of Deep Purple. Five stars? More like 10 STARS(**********)!!!!
Fillmore: The Last Days [LIVE] [BOX SET] Various Artists - When I was in college back in the mid-'70s, my younger sister told me to buy this album. I took her advice. At first, I hated it. I was still musically challenged and into more commercial AM music. But, I liked a couple of songs. So, I listened to it some more. The more I listened, the more I liked it. I got to like it so much that I have bought four or five copies. The only other albums I have bought that many copies of are Dark Side of the Moon, Abbey Road, "LA Woman" and ELP's Brain Salad Surgery. So The Last Days is in good company!... Included are a 9 minute version of Its a Beautiful Day's FM staple "White Bird." The less 'commercial' cuts include Boz Scaggs' "Baby's calling me home," Cold Blood's performance of "I just want to make love to you," the Taj Majal jam session.The album provides a glimpse into Rock's most energetic and creative period. I think any shortcommings the album may have are because it is hard to condense an entire week of music into two hours. The Last Days of the Filmore is pure fun and hope from an earlier time. Earth, air, fire and water. Love and peace. This is a great album.
Grow Fins: Rarities 1965-1982 [ENHANCED CD] [BOX SET] Captain Beefheart - Grow Fins is an impeccably assembled, lavishly produced, epic fanboy love poem to one of popular music's least popular and most influential geniuses, Don Van Vliet, a.k.a. Captain Beefheart. Packaged in a hardcover accordion folio that recalls the 78-rpm era, five CDs of demos, acetates, concert recordings, video footage, and radio broadcasts are packaged alongside 112 densely annotated, highly illuminating pages of previously unpublished text and photos that leap from trainspotting minutiae to insider revelation. The sound has been cleaned up considerably, but the set is essentially the world's coolest bootleg. This set traces the various permutations and exhilarating development of the Magic Band, from bluesy garage punks to otherworldly, thoroughly orchestrated avant-Delta/skronk/rock avatars of the Trout Mask sessions to the rejuvenated new-wave-era group. The video footage from Cannes Beach, France, in 1968 and the Detroit "Tubeworks" show in 1971 is priceless. The radio appearances on disc 5 are also thrilling; Beefheart plays solo harp and sings relaxed, spine-tingling a cappella songs. After beginning John Lee Hooker's "Black Snake Moan," which shows off Beefheart's infamous, multi-octave range, he stops in the middle, informing a Boston radio host, "I just can't get it through this microphone--it's too little."
Peel Slowly and See [BOX SET] Velvet Underground & Nico - This comprehensive five-disc retrospective of the Velvet Underground chronicles the band from its earliest demo tapes, recorded in 1965, to Lou Reed's final work with band, in 1970. At their notorious peak, Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, and Mo Tucker epitomized the sound of intellectual art punks being spontaneously creative in Andy Warhol's Manhattan. Rock & roll has never been the same since Reed's gutter-rock observations and Cale's cool, droning electric viola blanketing the band's mysterious three-chord innovations. It's all here: loads of feedback, classic songwriting, and Reed's transformation from Dylan imitator to sonic-rock auteur. With previously unreleased gems, live performances, and other oddities, this is everything you wanted to know about the Velvets but were afraid to ask.
Bootleg Series, Vol. 1: The Quine Tapes [BOX SET] [LIVE] Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground fans will be in hog heaven with this 3 disc set. Each disc is over 70 minutes long, each concludes with a marathon version of "Sister Ray." If you've heard the long available "Live 1969" Vols 1 and 2, you have an idea what kind of audio quality to expect. These are not soundboard recordings. The Velvets were an obscure band and we're lucky there were fans like Robert Quine with the presence of mind to record them at clubs. This is certainly NOT the way to become acquainted with the band if you are new to them. Get all their studio albums (they only released four) first. But if you're already a fan and are contemplating whether to spring for this set, fear not. This is great music from a band that sounded like no other.
Creedence Clearwater Revival [BOX SET] [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] - This is an excellent set through and through, it surely ranks 5 stars. These songs have become American standards. This box is in every sense of the word essential. It is the beginning and the end of your CCR collection. The early CCR CDs are basically junk compared to the remasters (one listen will verify this). Even those who have accumulated the individual remasters may want to consider selling them off in favor of owning just this box. The first disc covers the early years and much of the material is appearing in public for the very first time (even bootlegs have missed some of this stuff). And while the Golliwogs (pre-CCR) material isn't always up to the same snuff as the later material, there are some wonderful songs to be had (Fight Fire is the hit they should've had my wife singing after one listen).
Mos' Scocious : The Dr. John Anthology [BOX SET] Dr. John - Forget the single discs, and shell out for this anthology. Dr. John just ain't a "greatest hits" kinda guy anyhow. Dig this set and you will get schooled in a number of musical styles - jazz, funk, cajun/zydeco, and voodoo. Highlights include the wicked 5/4 vamp "Black Widow Spider", the parading foot-stomper "Mardi Gras Day", the creepy "Zu Zu Mamou", and the smile-inducing "Wash Mama Wash". And when the Meters check in on disc 2, well... forget about it. YOU CAN'T SHUT DA FUNK UP!!! Mac gives piano lessons on three solo instrumentals from the early 80's, and a set of standards closes things on a classy note.
Jefferson Airplane Loves You [BOX SET] Jefferson Airplane - It's hard to remember in light of the monstrosities that were the various incarnations of Starship, but there was a period during the late '60s when the Jefferson Airplane was one of American rock's finest groups. Indeed, no one, including San Francisco fellow travelers the Grateful Dead, better captured the psychedelic hippie-dippy revolutionary spirit of the day. This three-CD box set presents all the material from those glory days. Unfortunately, even though the band made great records, it wasn't always the best live group of the era, which is why many of the 22 previously unreleased performances found here are disappointing. These live versions and alternate takes often pale beside the familiar versions; "Volunteers," "Plastic Fantastic Lover," and "It's No Secret" are three of the worst offenders. Loves You is great for completists, but others are advised to check out The Worst of the Jefferson Airplane or the original albums for the "real" hit versions of some of this stuff.
Singles Collection: The London Years [BOX SET] The Rolling Stones - The most comprehensive anthology of the Rolling Stones' prime early work collects every single from the beginning up through 1971, A- and B-sides. All the obvious hits are here ("Satisfaction," "Jumping Jack Flash," "Honky Tonk Women," "Brown Sugar") as well as several B-sides ("Stoned," "I Want to Be Loved," "I Don't Know Why AKA I Don't Know Why I Love You") not previously released on CD. But it's the unrelenting succession of great cuts that make this a landmark collection. No band in the history of rock and roll has a catalog as substantial and hard-hitting. Quite simply, one the most essential rock collections ever released.
Time Traveller [BOX SET] The Moody Blues - Spanning from 1966 to 1992, this compilation is exhaustive. All the highlights the Moody Blues recordings are here with a gratefully remastered sound. The first CD contains three pre-"Days Of Future Passed" songs and the rest contains several cuts from all their albums. Highlights also include selections from Hayward/Lodges wonderful "Bluejays" albim as well as Hayward solo works. Disc four is where keyboardist extroadinaire stopped working with the Moody Blues, marking a significant loss in the groups etheral and spiritual sound, however, the magic still continues. The container is durable and attractive, containing a great narrative of the groups' history and some splendid photographs. Unfortunately, a complete discography and song list is missing, but this collection is so complete, that is easily forgiven.
The Ultimate Collection [BOX SET] The Guess Who - When I say good solid rock and roll, I mean memorable lyrics, catchy melodies, creative musical dynamics, complex textures, better-than-professional quality instrumentals, and fabulous vocals and vocal harmonies. The Guess Who delivers on all these counts. Kurt Winter was one of the great unsung heroes of rock and roll. Don't miss this collection, but hold your breath and hope for CD releases of all the Guess Who's really memorable music!
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