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Jim Morrison and Doors Books
Politics, Social Revolution and the Counter Culture
Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond - A colorfully accurate account of the events which still echo in our current era, covering the origin of LSD, as a drug the CIA funded for use as a mind control tool, and their use of civilians and military personnel as test subjects.
The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead -
Leary’s definitive treatise on his work with psychedelics, is based on the bardo experience, revealing the potential of psychedelic experience as spiritual teaching.
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test -Tom Wolfe recounts his adventures with Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters at San Francisco’s first “acid tests” and their subsequent romp across America in the first psychedelic bus.
Summer of Love: The Inside Story of LSD, Rock & Roll, Free Love and High Times in the Wild West - Selvin provides an authoritative account full of rich details of the San Francisco music scene from 1965 to 1971. Armed with material from archives, nearly a hundred taped interviews, Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle pop music critic, weaves together the stories of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and the other seminal bands that redefined American pop music.
Flashing on the Sixties -The sixties was an extraordinary era; a time of personal journeys, fiery protests, and revolutionary happenings. Through it all, Lisa Law was there with her camera, snapping pictures of the Monterey Pop Festival, Woodstock, and the Human Be-In.
Flashin on the Sixties
Hippies From A to Z: Their Sex, Drugs, Music and Impact From the Sixties to the Present -An overview of the Hippy Movement, how they influenced the course of history and transformed American society.
The Times Were a Changin': The Sixties Reader - This is a must-have anthology of the milestone speeches, manifestos, court decisions, and groundbreaking journalism of the Sixties. No other period in American history has been more liberating, more confusing or more unforgettable than the Sixties.
60s Communes - Hippies and Beyond
Messenger from the Summer of Love - "There was definitely something extraordinary - even profound - about that time.. this novel is a perfect metaphor - It turned me on."
The 60'S Communes: Hippies and Beyond
Miller has done a great service: there are precious few scholarly treatments of the 60s communal movement.
The Year the Dream Died: Revisiting 1968 in America - Jules Witcover's re-creation of the driven politics of 1968, unfolding the drama month by month, is among the most valuable contributions to the recent retrospectives on that centrifugal year.... The Year the Dream Died: Revisiting 1968 in America is drawn from his notebooks of the 12 months in which the idea of the virtue of politics was discredited forever.
The Age of Great Dreams: America in the 1960s - An impressive overview of the U.S. in the 1960s, representing a significant contribution to the scholarly analysis of an ever-intriguing decade, offering an invaluable look at the tensions that shaped the 60's, and the cultural and political movements that grew out of them.
Making of the Counter Culture
The Making of a Counter Culture: Reflections on the Technocratic Society and Its Youthful Opposition - This book offers a highly detailed examination of the relationship of the late 1960's counterculture to cutting-edge intellectual ideas of the same era.
SIXTIES: YEARS OF HOPE, DAYS OF RAGE -The author was elected president of Students for a Democratic Society in 1963, and he brings an insider's perspective to bear on the turbulent whirl of political, social, and sexual rebellion we now call "the sixties." Gitlin integrates his first-person recollections with a broader history that ranges from the roots of 1960s revolt in 1950s affluence and complacency to the movement's apocalyptic collapse in the early 1970s - a victim of its own excesses as well as government persecution.
The Sixties Papers: Documents of a Rebellious Decade - This collection of relevant works is a virtual treasure trove, containing everything one would need in order to gain a better informed and more balanced perspective as to what was said and thought about a range of important social issues so hotly debated in those fabled times of Vietnam, civil unrest, and social experimentation. Featuring documents of the period by participants such as Norman Mailer, Allen Ginsberg, H. Rap Brown and Abbie Hoffman.
THE MOVEMENT AND THE SIXTIES - Why did millions of Americans become activists; why did they take to the streets? These are questions Terry Anderson explores in The Movement and The Sixties, a searching history of the social activism that defined a generation of young Americans and that called into question the very nature of "America."
The Sixties: Biographies of the Love Generation - Alan Gorg is the first white-male journalist to "get it!" To recognize that the glorious role-models of that wonderful male-macho decade were women. Kathleen Cleaver. Angela Davis. Rosa Parks. Anita Hoffman. Rosemary Leary. Well done, Alan. Timothy Leary, personal letter, 1995
Storming Heaven: Lsd and the American Dream -The definitive account of the quest for chemical transcendence. "The most compelling account yet of how . . . hallucinogenic, or 'psychedelic,' drugs became an explosive force in postwar American history." -Newsweek
The 60'S: From Memory to History - David Farber has done an excellent job in assembling a collection of essays on various themes from the sixties. (Liberalism,Vietnam,Civil Rights,Cultural Revolution) A great introduction to an important time period with excellent pointers to additional sources.
The Hippies and American Values - While an excellent resource, this book is anything but dry. There are marvelous pictures of Be-Ins and Drop City, rock groups and posters. An extensive bibliography of both well-known and obscure underground newspapers is provided. Miller points us to where and how we may see the legacy at work even to this day. If you never read another book about hippies, read this one.
1968 In America: Music, Politics, Chaos, Counterculture and the Shaping of a Generation - A true delight for the political buff, providing a great outline of the antiwar movement at Columbia University starting on April 23, 1968 and the bitter fight for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 1968. Further chapters go into Vietnam, as well as music and culture.
GATES OF EDEN: AMERICAN CULTURE IN THE 60S - An original and entertaining analysis of how American literature influenced and was influenced by the turbulence of the Sixties. An excellent companion to any 60s political analysis.
Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman -The story of one of America's most influential and imaginative dissidents, a major figure in the 1960s counterculture and anti-war movement who remained a dedicated political organizer right up until his death in 1989. With his unique brand of humor, wit, and energetic narrative, Abbie Hoffman describes the history of his times and provides a first-hand account of such memorable actions as the "levitation" of the Pentagon and the Chicago 8 Trial, which followed the demonstrations at the 1968 Democratic Convention, as well as his friendships with Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seale, Allen Ginsberg, and many others.
Steal This Book - A 1960's treatise on beating the "establishment" at their own games. While this collection of rip-offs and cons are all very dated by today’s standards, this book is a classic, and an entertaining read that will give some insight into the Yippie culture of the late 1960's, the anarchistic twin of the Hippie movement.
Woodstock Nation - “We shall not defeat Amerika by organizing a political party. We shall do it by building a new nation -” from the back cover of Woodstock Nation. Written in a five day period after attending the Woodstock festival, this now classic work was published while Hoffman was on trial with the Chicago 7.
Woodstock Nation
Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman
The Black Panthers Speak -The first and only collection of the most vital, representative writings of the party, this book explains the Black Panther Party's court battles and acquittals, its position on black separatism, the power structure, the police, violence, and education, what the Party stood for, and what issues they confronted--almost all of which remain unresolved today.
Soul on Ice - Finally back in print, the prison memoirs of Black Panther activist Eldridge Cleaver that shocked, outraged, and ultimately changed the way America looked at the Black experience. "Brilliant and revealing." - New York Times Book Review.
Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America - An eloquent document of the civil rights movement that remains a work of profound social relevance 25 years after it was first published.
The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr - Dr. King has become such an American icon that it's easy to forget what a brilliant, passionate man he was. This "autobiography" will remind you. Clayborne Carson does a masterful job of weaving King's writings and speeches together into what serves as a credible autobiography but more importantly, as a chronicle of King's powerful oratory.
The Autobiography of Malcolm X - It behooves us to read, and even reread Malcolm's book, and especially the last five chapaters, which describe the transformation that took place in his mind and heart after his break with Elijah Muhammad and the Black Muslims.
A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. - "The most powerful and enduring words of the man who touched the conscience of the nation and the world."
Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement - In the summer of 1962, 20-year-old Danny Lyon packed his cameras and hitchhiked south. Within a week he was in jail in Georgia, looking through the bars at another prisoner, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lyon's photos and text are more than just a record of marches, jailings, and protests, they take us behind the scenes to chronicle the southern Civil Rights movement firsthand.
The Civil Rights Movement: A Photographic History, 1954-68 - A poignant reminder, by turns riveting and disturbing, of a not-so-distant time, in the middle of the 20th century. One expects to read of such crimes against humanity in the dark ages - and it is a sad, disquieting reminder that times change slowly. Anyone who is interested in a major chunk of American history should invest in this book.
For Us, the Living - An extraordinary woman tells a moving story of her courtship and marriage to heroic civil rights leader Medgar Evers. Myrlie Evers describes her husband's devotion to the quest for achieving civil rights for black Mississippians and his ultimate sacrifce on that hot summer night in 1963.
Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina -The brave photographers who lost their lives in Vietnam have put a human face on the war. From pictures of abandonned children to memorial services, this book is extremely moving and poignant. Simple and evocative, this book is well worth adding to your permanent collection.
Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War from the Other Side -This groundbreaking publication is an intense collection of images, many never seen before, from the cameras of North Vietnamese photographers. Each photographer has a chapter highlighting his personal story along with captivating photos.