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THE CEREMONY CONTINUES - Jim is in rare form in his excellent interview by Howard Smith of The Village Voice, offering some poignant and very funny moments. Even if you've read it, you need to hear it! Very enjoyable and highly recommended!
Opening the Doors of Perception: An Interview with the Doors -
One of only a few interviews available on CD
Rockview Interview: The Doors -
This is one of only a few interviews available on CD.
4 CDs and booklet, including rare live and studio recordings, some available nowhere else, with introduction by novelist Tom Robbins.
This attractive package contains remastered versions of the six studio albums, as well and the 'Essential Rarities' disc, the best of the 1997 box set
The Doors In Concert - One of my all-time favorites, 2 discs, including a powerful live version of Celebration of the Lizard.
SPECIAL EDITION GOLD DISCS OF THE ORIGINAL STUDIO RECORDINGS -For audiophiles, the ultimate digital storage medium for CD. I love the way original 60s recordings are given new life through this format!
Absolutely Live - The first live recording by The Doors, from the Aquarius Theater, MSG and other venues
Morrison Hotel is not available in this format at this time. I will update this link as soon as it becomes available.
Remastered versions of the original recordings
Remastered Best of the Doors - Import
Essential Rarities Remastered - Import
Remastered Doors Greatest Hits - Import
More to come!
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