When I acquired my first internet connection just over two years ago (that being your basic webTV!), I had never owned a computer, nor had I any computer experience. I never dreamed I would have a website of my own at any time in this, or any other century!

I have found the internet to be an amazing vehicle for information and expressing creative imagination. It's been quite a ride, so to speak, and as I am just recently discovering, building a custom website is the "ultimate" ride.

I want to thank the people who have graciously and generously given of themselves by sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences through articles, photos and reviews to this website. I want to thank those folks, too, who have stuck with my various Jim Morrison related internet adventures; those who have offered an encouraging word and support here and there.

Most of all, I want to thank my dear friend ladyjean for her encouragement, support and technical expertise. While the intellectual and graphic content of this website is mine, I purchased my very first computer only 4 months before embarking on this website adventure. Without the support of my friend ladyjean, there would be no Waiting-forthe-Sun.net. She has graciously shared the website structure design she developed for her John Lennon website, AbsoluteElsewhere.net with me, so that I can present the content you find here. She has taught me a tremendous amount about the internet, my computer and the joys and pitfalls of website construction. I hope those of you who love John Lennon and the Beatles will visit ladyjean's excellent site - the "sister site" to Waiting-forthe-Sun.

And of course, I'd like to thank Jim Morrison for his intellectual curiosity, his talent, his integrity and his courage. He unfailingly provides inspiration and joy to myself and to so many others. This website is my small tribute to his legacy.

I hope you will enjoy Waiting-forthe-Sun!

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