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'laciefae' was 16 when Light My Fire introduced a new world of possibilities to American popular music. The music and experiences provided by the Sixties were instrumental in inspiring her to become one of the first female recording engineers in New York City. Her career in that industry included jazz, rock, and pop album engineering and production, which she left behind in the late Eighties to accept the opportunity of a full merit scholarship to one of America's leading fine arts educational institutions. In November 1999, she founded Waiting For The Sun, a private internet forum and archive to promote the thoughtful discussion of Jim Morrison's life and work. laciefae is now retired from her professional life. She pursues her on and off-line interests with her husband at their home in the mountains.
The History of Waiting For The Sun

laciefae founded Waiting For The Sun in November 1999 as a private internet forum, to promote the thoughtful discussion and exploration of the life and work of Jim Morrison.

In September 2001, the original Waiting For The Sun forum was converted to an archive of over 400 text resources, and the discussion forum was temporarily discontinued. These archives and more will now become a part of over time.

A small sample of the content which is currently being researched and developed for addition to Waiting For The Sun is:

*A photo - journey feature on New Mexico's Turquoise Trail, retracing the fateful Morrison family car trip during which Jim experienced his shamanic calling

*In-depth analysis of the archetypal metaphors which appear in Jim Morrison's lyrics and poetry

*Exploration into the art-forms which inspired and informed Jim's work: the Beat Generation writers, the Blues, the Surrealists, the Symbolist and Surrealist poets and more

*Numerous photo albums, including a tongue-in-cheek look at the fact or fiction of Jim's "skin-tight" pants.

Special sections will include the "Cirque d'(Attendre Pour le) Soleil" - a just-for-fun section to explore such mysteries as Peace Frogs and Lizard Kings, as well as the unusual and the surreal.

Laciefae on her purpose in creating

1) To provide a wealth of informative articles and essays about the life and work of Jim Morrison. A great deal of these articles will be original material exclusive to Waiting For The Sun, written by many talented individuals, providing a variety of thoughtful opinions about the many fascinating aspects of Jim Morrison's talents, his work and its meaning.

As Editor and Manager of the site, I will also offer my own original articles about many different aspects of Jim's life.

2) To provide a source of extensive archives and photo albums dedicated to preserving the legacy of Jim Morrison's life and work. I hope visitors of all ages will be delighted by these albums.

Thanks for visiting!

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